sandy uranI was born in Rijeka (see gooogle map).

I have been interested in art since I was a child.

Being fascinated by colours and forms, I became interested in painting.

As years went by, my interest in art has become more and more intense. During my school years I participated in numerous drawing competitions with works in various techniques, and some of my works received prizes.

Since I am also interested in writing, i.e. journalism, I have started developing both my art and writing skills in parralel.

When, as an eighteen year old, I spent some time in London, my interest in art started to move in the direction of abstract painting. Upon my return from London I started my B.A. in art at the University of Rijeka, Croatia.
Four years later, I got my B.A. degree in drawing, having prof. Ksenija Mogin as a mentor.

My topic was "Cinema & painting".


During my studies I was experimenting artistically. I also participated in collective as well as independent exhibitions.
Some of the most interesting ones are the exhibition in "Vezica Gallery" in Rijeka, the one in the hall of the theatre "Ivan pl. Zajc", and four exhibitions at the University. Furthermore, I took part in the international art contest Mandrac and in an exhibition in Lupoglav Castle. The exhibition was called "The Castle".
My most successful exibitions were one collective exhibition entitled "Tocka na pet" ("Dot on five"), the exhibition in "Villa Ruzic" and four perfomances called "My Way", "Storm", "Biblioteca" and "Cameleon".

Beside the above mentioned drawing and journalism, my interest also lies in the field of theatre.
For the piece "The Threepenny Opera" by Bertold Brecht, directed by Lary Zappia, I was in charge of the costumes.
Faced with the possibility to express my own view of my art I'd simply like to state that for me my paintings represent a synthesis of various materials, all at my disposal, which are nothing else than a search for my own artistic language, i.e. for my own best way to communicate my artistic thought to the public.
I would be interested in exhibitions outside my country.